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Do you think that Auslogics One Button may have deleted a registry, cookie or something?
They do make programs that 'clean' the registry which could definitely give you strange symptoms like this.

From their website
What are risk levels in Registry Cleaner and Track Eraser?
Some programs on the Internet, such as registry cleaners or disk cleaners try to find as many "problems" in a computer as possible, trying to impress the user. However, this is not always safe, as removing some of the "problems" will make the computer unstable. Therefore, BoostSpeed does not follow this trend, and only cleans "green" (safe) items by default. Novice users should only clean these items. Experienced users, who know more about Windows file system and the Registry can also choose to scan "orange" and "red" categories.

Also from their website

What exactly does Auslogics PCSecurity do?

Windows XP and newer versions include some services that can be the cause of attacks on your computer. They are called "Remote Registry" and "Messaging Service". PCSecurity disables these services, thus protecting your computer from those particular types of attacks.
These services are rarely used. Disabling them won't cause any system malfunctions. Moreover, whenever you need to use these services again, you can disable security either straight from the program or via Recovery Centre.
Please note that disabling these services doesn't cause any connection problems, affects neither Internet speed, nor any other system functions.

Try disabling that PCSecurity 'feature'.
If it made a registry backup, restore that, or use windows restore feature from the control panel and restore to a date when it was working correctly.

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