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"Radio".. Of course!.. for hard to get tunes...

What's the best freebie software for editing out junk in tunes..?

I have a huge collection of thousands of albums and 45's, with all the music I want.. and an 8-foot stack of top of the line turntables, amps, and tape-decks, from garage sales.. all on the new shelf and desk, made from water-bed boards on a commercial counter-top, on 4 by 4 maple-legs.. the whole mess waiting for me to find the time to assemble a professional recording-desk...
One can buy $500 TT's for 2 bucks these days.. But the retail buggers want 400-bucks to replace the stylus on my favorite goldline cartridge... Good thing I've been saving cartridges and stylus's for 30-years... There must be hundreds in that box, but only one of these $700 cartridges...

What are the options for recording 45's to PC..?

Is there a laser TT?..

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