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1)It could be the connections! If your Dad is used to a highspeed Business cable connection. the the ADSL line would seem like molasses being poured on a cold day.

2)It could be the ISPs that are being used depending on how much local usage. Yahoo is not the best for doing this as they are notoriously slow during certain times of the day.

3) It could be malware/spyware installed on one or both computers.

4) It could also be caused from overly cautious anti-virus programs.

5) unlike # 3 above...certain programs such as updater services and back-up programs, that are installed but are not spyware/malware could be over-riding your connection as they perform thier specific duties.

6) outdated networking drivers could also slow down the connections.

7) the speed of the computers have a lot to do with this as well as amount of memory installed as it can cause a bottleneck and slow down everything to a crawl.
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Always start with cleaning the computers and making sure that they are free from any type of malware/spyware/viruses especially if there is a business computer being used.

shut down any program processes from accessing the internet automatically.
Takes a little skill to manage this.

Little risky but because it is a secured connection turn off the anti-virus programs after the connections are made.

try updating the networking card drivers .

Nothing you can do about the ISP... they will lie to you about being slow to begin with!

Same with the servers from GoToMyPC.

Hope that helps.

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