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KarlM 03-22-2009 08:06 PM

Windows XP: Change Themes with the uxtheme.dll File Patch
Windows XP: uxtheme.dll File Patch

If you want to personalize your computer by integrating custom themes into your system, patching the uxtheme.dll file is required. Microsoft-designated themes are your only options if you do not patch the said file. The uxtheme.dll file manages the visual themes in Windows XP.

• Before modifying a theme or replacing a system file, it is recommended to create a restore point.

File Download

1. Identify the Service Pack running on your system. Press the Pause/Break key and the Windows flag key simultaneously. This serves to display the System Properties panel. The panel will display the operating Service Pack.
2. Download the associated file for uxtheme.dll. Service Packs 1 and 2 need different files.
3. Once the file download is complete, unzip it and place it on your Desktop.
4. Browse through the Internet and look for a stable Replacer program version. Download the Replacer program.
5. After completion of the download, go to the Replacer folder. Again, place the file on your Desktop. The replacer will replace your system files conveniently and safely.
6. Unzip the Replacer program and set it on your Desktop. Study the included ‘Read Me’ file. The Replacer program has the ability to back up your files for the potential purpose of reverting to the original settings. The ‘Read Me’ file has instructions and tips on reverting to the recently made changes.

Replacing the uxtheme.dll File

1. Click on the Replacer file (replacer.cmd) twice.
2. Instructions will pop-up. This will tell you to drag the initial system to be replaced, and drop it into a window. Locate the System32 folder and open it. You will find the uxtheme.dll file inside. Drag the .dll file and drop it in the window. Your system may contain more than a single uxtheme.dll. If this happens, replace the one in the System32 folder. [C:\WINDOWS\system32\uxtheme.dll] is the typical location for the uxtheme.dll file. Press the Enter key.
3. The succeeding text that appears will instruct you to drag and drop the file to be replaced. Access the folder containing the downloaded file, and drag and drop the file into the Replacer.
4. Confirm the file replacement. Press ‘Enter’.
5. The Replacer will proceed to exchange your system’s original file with the one you have just downloaded. When the process is finished, go to ‘Start’ on your Desktop. Choose the ‘Restart’ option to reboot your computer.

Right-click your mouse while the cursor is on the Desktop. Go to Properties, and open the Appearances tab. You can change the theme here.

• If the program displays an error message and cannot patch the file, you can try the MultiPatcher program or numerous third-party theme managers. You can also opt to manually replace the uxtheme.dll file.

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