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tmm5899 01-03-2007 09:34 PM

windows 98 se start up disk
i need help to get a start up disk for windows 98se that is not a zip file i am using a public computer and i need to save the start up disk to tke and start another computer can anyone tell me how to do this or where to get one from to download i have the cd for windows 98se but the computer will not start i need to reinstall windows 98se it is an older computer with an older bios what can i do :confused: anyone who answers let me know step by step what to do to get the start up files to a floppy disk i have no way to unzip files

William_Wilson 01-03-2007 11:23 PM

what do you mean by

the computer will not start
do you mean windows does not work, or that the computer physically does nothing when pressing the power?

if it is the first, simply go into your bios and place the cd drive in the first slot and harddrive second, and place the cd in the drive and reboot. This will allow you to install without the boot floppy.

tmm5899 01-04-2007 11:05 PM

windows boot disk windows 98
i need to reinstall the windows so i need to format the hard drive windows does no come up when i turn th computer on so i need a boot disk to boot the computer in order to format the hard drive and reinstall windows can you help me find one that i can download to a floppy disk that is not a zip file :confused:

tmm5899 01-04-2007 11:06 PM

boot disk
it is an older computer and the bios keps changing how can set it tell me step by step and where i can find a boot disk

William_Wilson 01-05-2007 11:57 AM

your windows cd will allow you to format the drive before installing, just start the install process and then format before installing.

*The bios does not change, it has onboard memory to hold the information you supply it, which isn't much. If you change the boot order and it reverts back, the only possible problem is that your battery is dead, simply replace it (it looks like a large watch battery).

tmm5899 01-05-2007 09:18 PM

start up probleem
the computer has an older bios which you set for slave and so on it keeps saying there is no a drive and when i set it to recognize the a drive and i turn of the computer it changes again it says v1.4 bios version i think can anyone help me when i put the cd in it does nothing but say invalid system disk what could be wrong i feel i need a start up disk and i am using a public computer i would need to save it to a floppy disk

William_Wilson 01-05-2007 10:50 PM

is there a floppy in the drive? it will attempt to read it and assume it is a system disc. If there is a floppy in there pop it out and reboot. I do not know of a non-zipped boot disc, but if this is not the problem i'll host a copy for ya.

tmm5899 01-07-2007 04:17 PM

start up windows 98se problem
the light for the floppy does not come on also i take the disk out and use the cd for windows 98se but that does not work either i figure it i had a start up disk i could format the hard drive and reinstall windows also sometimes it say cmos battery failure and cmos defaulst loaded it is an older computer so if you can get a start up disk and email it to me at [email protected] and tell me how to copy it to a floppy that might solve the problem :confused:

tmm5899 01-07-2007 04:19 PM

poduct key for windows 98se
i tried contacting microsoft for a product key since i lost mine and they would not help does anyone know where i can get a product key for windows 98se since my home computer does not work i have to use a public computer so anything i save has to be able to be saved to a floppy :confused:

a+student 01-17-2007 08:27 PM

start up 98 se
yes like wilson say , go to the bios and look for boot sequence,
then make cd-ron the first option to boot in the bios, acept the change and put your SE cd on tray and reboot that should do it

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