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Glenn 05-05-2012 12:04 PM

unrecognized external hd
I have a dell laptop inspiron B130 with windows XP Pro. My question is this.
About 2 months ago I unplugged my WD external hd before it was safe to do so.
Now my computer doesn't recognize it in MY COMPUTER and in device manager
everything associated with the usb has an exclamation point in a yellow circle next
to it
. What is this trying to tell me if anything?
I have tried my hd in another computer and it works fine. I do not have another
usb device to see if the outcome would be different. I have tried the other usb
ports with the same results and also restarted the computer with the hd plugged
with no change. I realize that this could be fixed by doing a reinstall but I want to
learn how to fix this on my own. By joining SysChat I want to learn as much as I can
about being more proficient at fixing mine and my sons computers. Also I did not
receive an install disc when I bought my computer and I can't locate a reinstall partition
on the c drive I will end up buying one eventually, but that's not what I am trying to do
here. I really need and look forward to any help you guys could give me. Thanks Glenn

mhookem 05-11-2012 12:20 PM

Hello Glen. Wondering if you've had any luck with your hd and if the problem has been resolved?


Glenn 06-08-2012 01:51 PM

un recognized usb hd
Martin , thanks for getting back to me and sorry it took so long to get back to you. I couldn't fix my USB problem, I ended up doing a reinstall, and thats where the problems started. About 2 weeks down time and by borrowing my friends computer I was able to get this thing back on line. I didn't realize that a reinstall on a dell did not include All of the drivers that are needed to be up and running. Fortunately the dell web site was able to tell me which drivers I needed. Long story short I ended up learning more than I planned on.
Thanks again, Glenn

mhookem 06-09-2012 04:43 AM

Unrecognized USB Hard Drive
Thanks for letting us know.

Just in case it happens again, pulling a hard drive or other usb connection out before it's meant to be usually leaving it unrecognised can be down to the computers cache.

There is software available that clears this cached data.

I had the same problem with a big 620Gb external hdd. Once I ran the software the problem was solved.

Thanks again for letting us know the outcome.


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