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Juanzo 03-09-2006 09:28 PM

To Upgrade or not...?
I'm in the middle of a dilemma here. I still have a socket A based motherboard with AGP slot. My videocard (fx5600) is bleeding to death, particulary with the latest games.

So I undecided whether I should wait so I can afford to upgrade my motherboard, CPU and get a PCI-E videocard, or just get a 6800 or 7800 AGP.

What would you guys do?

William_Wilson 03-10-2006 12:07 AM

i understand the issue with a slow video card, i had a 32mb nVidia TNT2, until a couple of years ago when i made the jump to an ATI Radeon 9500.
I would say if your motherboard supports 8X AGP and your processor is running at atleast 1.4GHz, it might be ok to upgrade to a higher AGP video card, pending what you want to do with it that is...
If your system falls short of one of these milestones, i would definately consider the 2nd option more seriously.

outofbreath 03-28-2006 09:08 AM

Not sure how many Socket A boards support AGP 8X, but even without it you might get a big perfomance boost of upgrading to 7800.

Going from TNT to 9500 must have been a huge jump in speed.

A couple of years back I went from Vodoo3 to FX5200, was a huge improvement then. :)

Juanzo 03-29-2006 12:45 AM

Thanks for your replies people. I decided to get a 6800gs; think I made the correct choice.

Vodoo3! Oh that videocard rocked!

extremepixie 04-09-2006 11:40 PM

I am in the same dilema myself. I like to upgrade my systems piece at a time, but with the architecture change it is not possible so basically have to upgrade the whole system at once. Because of that I am running my current system int he ground. Your card is pretty low relative to other AGP cards out there, so you could still upgrade substantially on the video side before the MB upgrade. Problem is if you are onyl going to do it for a short-time that money may be wasted.

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