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forum_mast3r 11-25-2007 10:52 AM

Tips on Saving Search Results In Windows Vista
Instead of having to go through the whole thing of reentering the same search criteria each time you want to find the same types of items on your computer, you can save the results of your search as a search folder after selecting the Searches link in a Windows Explorer window. To save your search results as search folder, follow these steps:

1. Click the Save Search button on Windows Explorer or Search windows toolbars. Vista opens a Save as dialog box where you specify the name and description of your new virtual folder.
2.Optional add additional author names to the folder by clicking Authors and entering them, or add tags that identify the search folder and can be used in searching for it by clicking the Add A Tag text in the Tags field.
3. Click the Save button to create your search folder and close the Save as dialog box.

After saving your search results as a search folder, Vista will automatically recreates the search criteria, performs the search, and then displays the same results each time you select the folder in a Windows Explore window.
Vista will automatically save your search folder are a part of the Searcher virtual folder, so that all you have to do to find your search folder and open it up again is to click the Searches link near the top of the Navigation pane in your windows explorer window and double click its search folder icon.

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