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dothy1005 01-14-2011 02:02 AM

How to Avoid a Trojan Virus
Trojan is a type of virus that can be attached to programs you have downloaded or your email attachments. They may also be attached to images and they can be installed when a user is online. It happens without you knowing it.

Once the Trojan virus is installed on your computer, it will be easier for hackers to remotely access your system and gather your personal information and perform a lot of harmful operations on your system.

Remote access Trojans, key loggers and password sending Trojans are just some of the types of Trojan viruses that can get to your PC. They can also get in the system via instant messaging software such as Skype or Yahoo Messenger. They can also send copies of themselves through the infected system’s address book.

To avoid getting the Trojan virus, one must be really careful with what they download and everything else that they do online. You must never share your passwords to avoid other people from logging in to your account. When you check your email, make sure that you know who the sender is or where the email came from before opening any email attachment. Before downloading free software, check the website first and research about the specific software. This will not guarantee the safety and legitimacy of the software but it will still give you an idea about it should you decide to download the program.

Lastly, install anti-virus software and always update it when necessary. These programs will scan incoming messages and can also provide you with warnings as soon as it detects a malicious threat on your system.

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