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Sami 11-22-2006 02:36 AM

How To Speed Up Your Computer The Easy Way
I have seen many computers, especially older ones that take a long time to boot up and are also very slow on the internet. I devised a list of things you can do to "fix" computers that lag. I've "fixed" many computers this way and people were amazed so I will share it with you.

1. Click a blank spot on your computer, and go to properties. From there you can minimize the video acceleration and resolution settings. Use a minimal setting that you are comfortable with and you will see amazing results.

2. Clean up your desk top by putting all icons in a single folder and date it by renaming the folder.

3. Clear your cookies, the temporary internet files,etc. Also clear your recent documents. You should be careful about clearing the passwords and log in information on your browser.

4. Minimize your start up folder, this will cause your computer to boot up faster.

5. Get rid of any large video files (over 1 giga bytes, for example)
Get rid of any files or folders that you don't need.
Get rid of any programs that you don't need. ( Make sure you have a back up on a cd or dvd, because once you uninstall a program, it's gone.)

6. Do a disk clean up. You do this by going to My Computer and clicking on the properties button. You will see the disk cleanup button there.

7. Use a registry cleaner with extreme caution. The idea is to get rid of all unused registry values but if you remove too many of them, some of the programs will not run.

8. Use anti spyware and anti virus software to run a scan and delete any unwanted virus or spyware.

9. You can also use "utilities programs" to clean out your computer and make it go faster.
The whole idea is to reduce your cpu usage and enable faster access to our files by reducing the over all load on your computer. By following the nine steps above your computer will run simpler and thus faster. (Note: when you get rid of files or programs, make sure you have a back up on a CD or DVD so that you can "put them back" in case you change your mind later.)

Here's another trick you can use if you find that the fonts on your web pages are too small and hard to read. You can change the font settings on the desk top to large fonts, or simpler yet, use the CTRL button on the keyboard with the scroll button on your mouse to "zoom in" on the webpage and make the font size appear larger.

That's all for now, happy computing!

Norman Dreamer is a computer buff, and he likes to write articles on the internet.

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