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benjor basti 11-03-2007 12:49 AM

How to Solve Multiple Running Browser Windows When You Click on a Mailto: Link
When you click on the link mail to: in Internet Explorer, many application windows of Internet Explorer open (above 60 windows). The message error Action Cancelled pops up, and the mail client is not active. The following error will be displayed on your screen:

“Could not execute this operation because the default mail client is not perfectly installed”

The problem arises because of these factors:

Mailto handler might not be properly set. Another, URL Protocol registry value is missing. One reason also is improper registry permissions for the mailto tag. Follow these steps to solve these problems:

You need to set your E-mail client into default mode. Follow these steps to do this:

Go to Start, click Run, and enter control inetcpl.cpl. Next, go to the Programs tab. Afterwards, From the E-mail list, select another mail client and enter on the Apply button. Lastly, follow the instruction to set your preferred email client. Follow these steps to set it as default:

Click on set your default programs. Then, choose your mail client from the list. Next, Click on Set this program as default. Lastly, double click on Okay button.

If the steps above do not help resolve your problem, follow these steps:

Re- generates the missing string value. You can do this by going to start, clicking on the Run icon, and keying in Regedit.exe. Next, go across to the following branch:

HKEY LOCAL MACHINE then on Software then on Classes then on mailto. After that, From the Edit menu, choose New, and then click on String Value. Enter URL Protocol as the name of the new String Value. Finally, shutdown the Registry Editor.


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