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dwarkarao 01-14-2010 05:52 AM

How To Burn Discs After "Cannot Create the DVD or CD Error"
Did you come across the error “Cannot Create the DVD. An error occurred when burning a DVD or Recordable CD using Windows Movie Maker” while you were trying to burn a CD or DVD. Well the main root causes for the above error to pop up are given below:

Step 1: While you were trying to burn the CD or DVD the fast user switching may be in use.

Step 2: The user account using which you are currently logged in may not have the proper admin rights.

The solution for this is to follow the correct procedure which can help you in creating the CD or DVD without any problem. The steps to be followed are given below:

Step 1: Go to Start menu click on all programs and select windows movie maker.

Step 2: Now the windows movie maker window will open here in the tasks under the import box you have to select how the media will be imported.

Step 3: After importing the files you can simply drag the files to the storyboard. Which is the main window.

Step 4: Then just save your project with an appropriate name.

Step 5: Now open the save project as window in the file menu.

Step 6: In the import to box select what type of import it is i.e. either DVD or CD and click OK.

Step 7: Now in the windows DVD maker window select the choose photos and videos button.

Step 8: Here in the add photos or videos window select the photos or videos that are to be edited and click the next button.

Step 9: Once you are finished with all your editing work you can click on the burn button and follow the steps on the screen to burn your DVD or CD.

Hope this helps.

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