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freshmorning2010 11-04-2011 01:19 PM

How to Block the Popping Mini Formatting Toolbar in Word 2007
Are you new to Word 2007? If yes, I am sure that you would not like its Ribbon and that irritating mini
format toolbar that always pops up the moment you select even a single letter in your content. In this
article, let’s forget the Ribbon and focus on this formatting toolbar so that you can work without any
distraction. If this sounds interesting to you, let’s see what we can do to stop that mini formatting
toolbar from appearing every now and then.

From professional point of view, the toolbar is actually a useful addition in MS Word 2007, as it
facilitates instant formatting without clicking anywhere else after selecting some text in your content.
However, personally, you might not appreciate this toolbar, as it can distract you by popping up after
every selection even though you do not want to format your content. So, when you do not have to
format and perform the selection for something other tasks such as copy and paste, the mini formatting
toolbar seems to be a nuisance. For instance, let’s imagine that you are selecting a part of a sentence for
moving it to somewhere else, not for formatting it. In this case, the mini formatting toolbar will pop up
even though your intention is not of formatting. It will not only appear suddenly, but it will also result in
accidental formatting of your text, which is something that will irritate you. Therefore, in such cases, it is
really a pain to see a mini toolbar.

So, who is actually culprit? Microsoft? Oh no! Kindly do not curse Microsoft for such a new addition in
Word 2007. After all, it is useful in many situations. Well, the reason why Microsoft should not be cursed
is because it offers you the flexibility of hiding the mini formatting toolbar after which it will only pop up
when you right click any text.

In order to hide the mini formatting toolbar, you will have to access its Word Options dialog box. When
it comes to altering the default settings, this is the most useful dialog box that can give you the desired
settings in Word 2007. To access the dialog box, click the Microsoft Office button followed by the Word
Options button. Now, uncheck the check box that states Show Mini Toolbar on selection on the right
side and click OK. That’s it!

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