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apoorvasheth 12-10-2006 05:21 PM

DVD disc damaged after 'Burn' being unsuccessful in Nero 7.
Hi! My name is Apoorva. I have faced a problem with my blank DVD.

I had burned a blank DVD (Morserbaer ) in the month of July with some Data files using Nero 7.

Than, I kept this burned DVD into the "DVD Pack" which is provided by Moserbaer when one purchases a
10 Pack DVD.

Today, few mins back, I had inserted the same DVD into the DVD writer ( Liteon ) inorder to burn few more data on the same DVD.

When I clicked on the Burn button in Nero 7, it straight away progressed to 50% and than gave an error stating that Burn could not be completed.

( Options selected before clicking on Burn were :
Write on the left menu.
Speed was set to 8x, DVD supports upto 16x.
Enable multisession.
Verify data after burn.

Now what happened is that the disc has became inaccessible. It is not being read by the Liteon DVD Writer & seems to me like this disc has been damaged.

I tried few of the data recovery tools available on the internet
but were of no use.

Than, I removed the DVD from the tray and turned it upside down to see the recording layer and found that it has overwritten on the previously burned data. This is b'coz there is a big circle round the disc at the end of
and a medium size new circle in that big circle.

Anybody in this forum would have any idea as for how to recover the data from this DVD even though the recovery tools have already been used.

A quick reply in the above matter will be highly appreciable!!!
Apoorva M. Sheth

William_Wilson 12-10-2006 05:54 PM

why did you burn to the same dvd, if it has files with errors on it?

the disc's session was not closed, this is a common error, and if it is not closed then the data cannot be understood as no tool knows where the data ends on the disc, as it reads all zeros (theoretically) where nothing has been burned.
I know that adaptec CD creator has the ability to close an open cd or dvd by simply inserting the disc, and attempt to read previous tracks, it should prompt you to close the session, if not under disc properties you can do so. As for nero you are looking for something to close the session or disc if you want to read any of the files.

apoorvasheth 12-11-2006 12:23 AM

DVD Disc unreadable after 'Burn' being unsuccssful using Nero 7.
Hey William Wilson. The DVD did not had any files with error. It was in a perfect condition. It's only after I further burned the same DVD with some new data, and I faced this issue of DVD being undetectable by my DVD Writer Lite on (LITE-ON IT Corporation) .

And also, this DVD disc had 1 G.B. of free space on it and I had to burn this new data, size of which is 16 M.b. only.

What is Adaptec CD creator and from where can I download it?

Also, I could not attach the nero.txt file (which I came to know from Nero's Support website that Nero, by default, saves a log file to Nero 7\Core folder) along with this message b'coz of the size restriction which has been imposed by this forum's owner.

The size of the text file is somewhere around 36.5 kb and size allowed to be uploaded on this forum is around 19kb.

Awaiting revert...

apoorvasheth 12-11-2006 12:34 AM

DVD Disc unreadable after 'Burn' being unsuccssful using Nero 7.
Hey William Wilson! Thanks for your reply. For your info, the files did not had any errors. It's only after the Burn process which I had started and could not get completed successfully, and I faced this issue of DVD Disc being not recognized by the DVD Writer ( Liteon ).

Also, what is 'Adaptec CD creator' and from where can I download it?

Any other suggestions?


William_Wilson 12-11-2006 12:36 PM

adaptec cd creator is not a free program, but you can get it from Roxio - DVD Burning & CD Burning Software - Creator & Toast Software

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