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rahpe 10-13-2007 08:24 PM

Dual Boot XP after Vista Ultimate
I have read many suggestions on this topic and apparently there is not a simple one size fits all situations. Originally I had Vista Home Premium and Microsoft talked me into upgrading to Ultimate in order to dual boot (so I purchased the Ultimate Upgrade Disc) - then they told me that XP will not install into a virtual drive (partition?). Regardless, I created a partition on my hard drive and tried to install XP but the install did not recognize the partition and only wanted to install on "C", needless to say I canceled the install.
My computer is a new HP Pavilion M8100N and has a SATA drive and I have read that I need an XP SATA Controller driver but I don't know what this is or where to find one. Any help with this?
It is really important that I install XP since my Autocad version will not run on Vista, nor will my Quickbooks or my HP Plotter, all of which I now have to run on my notebook XP. Upgrading this software and hardware will cost over $2000.
I have read about VistaBootPro which would seem to be helpful to control the Vista boot after XP is installed.
Can anyone help with step by step procedure? Will I ever be able to get the dual boot running? Will the computer be stable when I am finished?

M0LD0V4N 10-14-2007 12:46 AM

Dude dont use Microsoft they Get Your Money And Swim in it
Get Linux like PCLinuxOS and Install it on the Windows Vista Partion..
Windows vista aint all that its just Shell remodeled and plus it eats your video cards memory...PLease use linux to stop spreading viruses and trojans..<i dont give a crap about viruses and trojans. XD>

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