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gwm121 05-30-2007 12:10 PM

Dual Boot Vista And Xp Without Disk
New To A Help Board... But Trying In Desperation As Cant Find Solution.

Got New Laptop But Only Could Get With Vista Not Xp. Some Of My Programs Wouldnt Run On Vista, And Vista Was Slower Than Xp, So I Would Like To Run Xp And Vista Together.

I Have Read The Tutorials Here, They Say Partition, Then Load Xp, Then Reinstate Vista For Booting, By Inserting The Vista Disc And Repairing.

Question.. How Do I Do This If The Computor Came With A Recovery Disc Only, Which Wipes My New Partion An Reinstals Vista Only With The Original Programs.

Question... Supose I Partition, Then Load Xp, And When Vista Dissapears Load A Commercial "boot Many Operating Systems" Will This Do It?

Miniquestion...when Make New Primary Partioin Do I Set It Active Then Instal Xp, Or Not Set Active And Let Xp Change It.

Miniquestion Can I Copy The Vista Mbr Before I Load Xp, And Copy It Back After? How?

Please Someone Help, (ps I Have Only A Vague Understanding Of Mbr Etc Please Eccuse My Lack Of Knowledge)

William_Wilson 05-30-2007 12:48 PM

there are a couple of multiboot loaders out there which will support Vista. As long as the loader you install supports XP and Vista, then yes it should work just fine. The only reason you re-install the Vista MBR data is that Vista can recognize XP, but not the other way around. If you have a bootloader in mind, check that it supports Vista first.

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