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Andrew Watson 04-09-2008 07:10 AM

Data Recovery from Broken RAID 0
RAID 0 is First Level of RAID or Redundant Array of Identical Disks. Actually it is not an array of disks. It is like simple windows based computer with single hard drive. In this, only the image of one logical partition is created on other partition of the drive. This image can be used at the time of data recovery in case if any kind of data loss occurs.

RAID 0 is not helpful in cases of hardware failure where the hard drive crashes. RAID 0 arrays generally suffer with this issue as a single hard drive. In RAID 0 the hard drive generally dies due to physical crash to your computer.

In case of physical crash to the hard drive, there are no solutions in RAID 0 to recover from it because there is no mirror image is created on other hard drive. The image was situated on the logical partition of the same hard drive that has crashed.

In these situations, you need to get your hard drive repaired to recover the lost data. To do so, you need to send it to a hard drive service provider company as the data recovery in this case is only possible with data recovery service.

Data recovery service is the special data recovery help for repairing the crashed hard drive that is provided by the expert professionals of data recovery. The service is provided by the data recovery companies in specially designed data recovery labs known as data recovery Clean Rooms.

The experienced data recovery professional open the hard drive in these labs and repair the damaged parts of the drive and then recover the data with the help of data recovery software. You should never open the hard drive in general environment to repair it by yourself because dust particles of the environment can further damage the sensitive platters of the drive and can make the data completely irretrievable.

Stellar Information Systems Ltd, the pioneer of data recovery industry, is a data recovery service and software provider company. The company has Class 100 Clean Rooms to provide data recovery service to their customers. The expert and experienced data recovery associates of the company are capable to completely recover the lost data from physically damaged RAID hard drives in almost all possible cases of hard drive crash. Stellar provides data recovery service for SATA, PATA and SCSI hard drives.

Along with data recovery service, Stellar also provides data recovery software for all popular operating systems including Windows, Mac, UNIX, Linux and Novell. Stellar also provides data recovery software for popular application programs like Word, Excel, ZIP, and Access.

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