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Andrew Watson 04-08-2008 06:13 AM

Corruption in Shared Access Database and Recovery
Database sharing is the most useful and advanced feature of Microsoft Access. This feature has enabled since the Database engine is File based. In order to allow multiple users to share the same file over the network, Jet Database Engine uses a Lock file (.ldb) to synchronize the read write operations of the database.

Unluckily using the Lock file communicates on Windows operating system API calls to control the file synchronization which in turn communicate on file transfer networking protocols. All of the network connections have a bandwidth limit, and any software on your system transferring data on the same network socket can potentially decrease the jet connection speed, when it happens the connection generally disconnects due to the “Time-Out” failure. When it happens, the Access Database is left in a “Suspect” state and generally requires repairing it before allow it to continue.

Most of the times, the network problem leave the Access database in a “Suspect” state and cause corruption. It depends what the users were doing when the network problem occurred. For instance, if the user was performing any large SQL Append query, it is obvious that the database will corrupt. If you increase the network performance by disabling “opportunistic locking, it increase the chances of database corruption in a shared environment.

In all of these situations, you need to repair your Access database in order to use it. You can repair the corrupted database with the help of third party data recovery software that are known as Access Recovery software for repairing MS Access database files.

Access Repair is the application programs that can help you in repairing and restoring the corrupted Access Database in almost all possible cases of corruption. This software works on the header of the corrupted file and repairs and restores it without changing the original contents of the database files. This software is able to repair all the elements and components of Access database.

Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery is robust data recovery software to repair and restore the corrupted Access database files. This software helps you in repairing all the elements of Access database including tables, forms, reports, queries and database relationships. Stellar Phoenix scans for corrupted .mdb (Access database files) files to repair and restore it to a default location or a user specified location on the hard drive. This software can recover the data from all file versions of Microsoft Access including Access 97, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007.

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