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eddiev22 07-08-2008 03:34 AM

computer stuck in a restart loop,crashed when intsalling sp2
I have a emachine W3080 with AMD Athlon XP Processor windows xp home edition preinstalled service pack 1. I was trying to update to windows service pack 2, halfway through the installation I got a message saying some file was missing, I dont remember wich one, service pack 2 couldnt install so only half my computer was updated, so I went to remove programs to remove service pack 2, then it restarted it started to boot 2 or 3 sec later it will shut off and restart again. the computer is stuck in a restart loop. I tried using F8 and selected last good configuration and it still does the same thing I also tried starting in safe mode, but as soon as it starts to reboot it will shut off. The only reason I havent called the manufacturer is because the phone call will cost me more than the computer I think its like $60 for a half hour. Somebody told me to format THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN DOING, I put in the recovery disk, windows set up comes up and it says,
to set up windows press enter, then i press enter then it says, set up cannot find the end user licensing agreement. So i skipped that and tried to repair windows xp installation using recovery console, i pressed R
then it said which windows, i pressed 1:c:\windows and then password, I pressed enter, and then the command prompt pops out, c:\windows> and I typed format and it looks like this c:\windows>FORMAT then I get ,THE COMMAND IS NOT RECOGNIZED OR THE PARAMETER IS NOT VALID TYPE HELP FOR A LIST OF COMMANDS, so I typed help and in the list I do find format I am not misspelling it or anything it just wont recognize it, what am i doing wrong? i cant even get it to format, ive tried using support gateway for more info on restoring my system. but i dont see that option of destructive or full restoration on the recovery console. oh and my computer is set up to boot from cd. PPPLLEEAASSE HELP
why does it say set up cannot find the end user licensing agreement ?

lurkswithin 07-09-2008 02:54 AM

Is your recovery disc scratched? That could be why it doesn't find the EULA

Try to make a new copy of it using the trial version of alchohol 120% as it can sometimes repair the missing script on a scratched disc.

You can't format the same directory that you are using... it should have read something like C:\format \s or similar (been a while). where C is the directory that needs formating and you are in a different directory. But I don't think it will work anyway as there is no true DOS program installed on/in windows XP

reboot with the recovery cd and follow the prompts very closely.

eddiev22 07-10-2008 04:09 AM

computer stuck in a restart loop
I had just purchased this cd from gateway,it's not scratched I dont think its the recovery disk any ideas?

eddiev22 07-11-2008 03:32 AM

re computer stuck in restart loop
ok, well I typed help format and this came out : FORMAT [drive:] [/Q] [/FS:file-system]. Which file do I pick? FAT, FAT32 or ntfs?:confused:

lurkswithin 07-11-2008 03:35 AM

The disc that you just it a restore cd...or the install cd with gateways name stuck to it?

If it was the restore CD, then it is possible that there was a hidden partition on your HD that actually had the installation program on it...when you did the format you might have wiped the hidden partition and thus the EULA.

If it was a full installation Cd then you should be able to boot to the CD.
restart your computer with the CD in and watch the prompts very closely.

Boot to CD press any key press enter
There should be a prompt that files are being installed on your computer

If you need to install...drivers press F6 ignore this prompt as it doesn't concern your computer

The EULA license should appear here and request press F8 to agree to the EULA press F8

Set up will now search your hardware and the next prompt will be that setup has found these (this) partition with XP installed press R for repair option or press enter to continue setting up XP on the selected partition. press enter to continue setting up not press R

The next prompt will be to to delete the Selected partition and install xp on the deleted partition or repair the installed operating system on that partition.. You can choose either one...deleting the existing partition will cause the partition to be wiped and reformatted completely losing any data that you choosing this repair option (refered to as the 2nd repair option) xp will install itself over the old version and save your personal files and settings (in most cases)....all drivers and updates will need to be reinstalled. Just do not hit any keys when the system reboots and asks for you to press any key to boot to CD again.

once past that point it should go pretty easy. If for some reason the system hangs here or after reboot then there is a hardware problem. Remove all extra hardware from the 1 stick of ram, 1 harddrive, 1 optics drive, no phone modem or flash memory slots or USB connections.
Set the BIOS to default overclocking or monitoring.

Reboot and start completly over.

Try it that way and see if you can't get it installed. I think you hit the wrong repair option and caused all your problems!

eddiev22 07-12-2008 02:31 AM

re: computer stuck in a restart loop
The cd has the name gateway on it and it also says restore cd , Applications,Drivers, & Operating System. any advice? grately appreciate it.:icon_neutral: if I did hit the wrong repair option am I screwed? please help, thanks.

lurkswithin 07-12-2008 08:05 AM

No, there is all ways a way around something.
Remove any added hardware that was not installed when the computer was new. Especially any sound cards or USB add-ons

Enter the BIOS and make sure that the first boot order is indeed the CD/DVD rom drive. Insert the CD while still in the BIOS and then press F10 to save and exit. The computer should reboot andwhen asked to boot to cd press enter... then follow the prompts again. If there is an option for hard or soft destruction repair choose the hard will totally wipe the old partition and start fresh...which is what you need.

When you get to the prompt about deleting the partition choose to delete the partition and follow the prompts. It will then ask you to choose again which partition to set up XP and choose the partition space that you just deleted. Chose to format in NTSF file system and it should be ok from there on out.

The disc you have is a restore disc and differs from the true installation disc in a way that allows the manufacturer to install drivers and third party applications at the same time of installation. These sometimes conflict with the installation as XP is extremely driver protective and if it sees that the driver or updates are all ready there it may choose to exit the installation.

If you have any more errors make sure you copy them exactly as they are.

eddiev22 07-13-2008 05:21 PM

re:computer stuck on restart loop
Im a little worried about the EULA, do you think that will give me any problems?:confused:

lurkswithin 07-13-2008 05:33 PM

If it does, then report Gateway to Microsoft and demand that a new install disc is issued to you with a EULA.

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