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DanielGray 06-16-2009 05:45 AM

BBHK Spyware Trojan info and removal
The BBHK Trojan refers to a spyware and downloader that may contaminate Windows XP, and Vista Operating System. This kind of program is bundled with some freeware programs or installed through some malicious programs. This threat repairs, updates and reproduce itself.

BBHK Trojan Penetrating Methods

This threat replicates its files within the hard drive using the file name BBHK Trojan. Then it generates the process name agetltyes.exe. The main executable might be responsible for producing additional files into the system. The Trojan may attempt to flood the system, randomly creating folders to these subsequent locations: Program Files, WinDir, UserProfile.

How to Avoid BBHK Trojan Infection

To avoid infections like BBHK Trojan, it is recommended to obtain a legitimate and powerful security tool to protect the system from contamination. Use Avast!, True Sword, Norton Antivirus, or other security program that is capable to shield the system from such threats. It is required to perform disk clean up, and other system tools.

BBHK Trojan Infection Symptoms

The Trojan will automatically deletes the created directory, and produces a false named virus. The BBHK Trojan frequently downloads information from a particular link and the file will be accumulated to the root directory of the Windows. The downloaded exe file will then launched for execution.

BBHK Trojan Effects

The BBHK Trojan is reported to perform several tasks including, generating processes on hard drive, deletion of files on drive, and could be executed within the temporary files. This Trojan allows the invader to remotely contaminate the target system. It uses specific program to open backdoor loophole to permit the third party to manipulate the system. The threat or level of this kind of application is highly severe risk. A set of this BBHK Trojan can damage a remote machines or even a network without compromising infected machines.

Easy BBHK Trojan Removal

To easily eliminate the BBHK Trojan, download True Sword, Avast!, or other freeware that could erase this threat on the system. After the download, install the security software and scan the entire system for BBHK Trojan and other virus as well. Delete all files detected by the anti-spyware application.

How to Remove BBHK Trojan

To manually delete BBHK Trojan, access the registry and delete the following entries:
• SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Explorer\ ShellExecuteHooks

Delete these subsequent values and executable files:
• ThreadingModel
• Onecloseqq
• agetltyes.exe
• db[1].exe
• kuge[1].exe

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