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status1 06-14-2009 08:13 PM

athalon xp 2600 and windows xp
Does anyone have any problems with windows xp working with amd motherboards ?
I have an AMD athalon xp 2600 that I recently installed along with more memory in my computer which previously had an AMD 1ghz cpu
I am dual booting windows 98 and xp and ever since I installed xp I am having problems with crashes and blue screens.
Even during installation at random places it just freezes so I have to reboot
Is it just a bad motherboard or does it have something to do with the memory ?
Using windows 98 with the same motherboard I don't have any problems with it
The hard drive I believe is fine since it was working with the previous motherboard without crashing it was just very slow booting (1 minute) so that's why I changed the motherboard

lurkswithin 06-15-2009 02:26 PM

This doesn't make sense to me.. if one swaps motherboards they refer to the model of the motherboard and not to reference the chip being used. Both chips mentioned 1ghz (Duron) and the Athalon XP 2600 use the same chip socket...socket A and can sometimes be interchanged depending upon the motherboard itself. This is why it is important to reference the motherboards when talking about motherboards and referencing the chips when talking about the chips.

The hard drive I believe is fine since it was working with the previous motherboard without crashing it was just very slow booting (1 minute) so that's why I changed the motherboard

1) AMD athalon xp 2600 is a computer chip and not a motherboard

did you mean that you had a motherboard with this chip installed that you swapped out for the old motherboard with the AMD 1ghz installed?


did you mean that you swapped the cpu by installing the athalon XP 2600 chip for the 1 ghz chip but kept the same motherboard...

Clarity here is important because the answers are totally different and can ruin a computer by giving the wrong answers.....

status1 06-15-2009 07:39 PM

Sorry, I wasn't sure what to blame the motherboard or the cpu

To make things clear the original board that was running slow with xp was a
PC266 m810 series motherboard with the 1 ghz amd cpu I am not sure iif it was the Athalon or the duron but I beliave it was the Athalon

The current board that xp is crashing with is a SOYO SYK7VME motherboard with an AMD Athalon xp 2600 cpu that is running at 2 ghz

I did not swap cpu's from one board to another I only swapped the motherboard and cpu as a set with the other set

lurkswithin 06-16-2009 02:06 AM

Ok, The first thing i would do is check the memory. - Memory Diagnostic

make the bootable media for your computer (floppy or CD) and boot to the application. Run it for a minimum of 12 hours or till there shows errors...any error is a sign that memory needs replacing.

status1 06-16-2009 07:46 PM

Well, I did have to run it that long
After only a few passes ( 2% )it crashed and rebooted the computer and it seems to go into a loop of testing crashing and rebooting
The last pattern I saw before crashing was BFBF...

Does that mean that the memory is bad or not necesarily ?

lurkswithin 06-17-2009 02:16 AM

Remove all but one stick of memory and rerun the testing...then swap out the sticks and run it again. post what happens...

It could be the memory or it could be something else as well. First thing first...then let's elliminate all the other possibilities.

status1 06-17-2009 08:21 PM

Here is what happened
I was planing to do that yesterday but it was too late in the day
Just for information I have 2 512 mb modules that I bought and installed at the same time I swapped the motherboards
So the first thing I did was to remove the module from slot 2 and ran the test and it seem to have the problem at about the same point except it did not reboot
Instead I got a message "Unexpected interrupt Halting cpu 0 " and I got some hex numbers on the screen I assume some kind memory dump I am not sure
Anyway the computer was frozen at that point
After that I swapped the 512mb module in slot 1 with a 256 mb stick that had originally in there just to see if it works with that and everything passed
Then I swapped back in slot one one of the 512mb modules and ran the test
and it failed again at the same point with the unexpected interrupt message
It was on test #3(Moving inversions, 8 bit patterns)
I changed the setting on the program and ran just test #3 and it failed right away and this time it reeboted itself insted of freezing
Then I swapped it out with the other 512mb module and ran the test and passed without any problems I even ran test #3 only a few times and it's still passing
So it looks like one of the modukes is bad.

So now I am trying to continue installing xp from where I left off and hopefully wont have any more problems
It's strange how windows 98 didn't have any problems with the bad memory I guess perhaps it's not using that part of the memory I am guessing

Thanks a lot for your help

status1 06-18-2009 07:20 PM

Well, it looks like I am not out of the woods yet.
I am still having the same problem with xp freezing up during installation
I am trying to reformat the partition and do a scandisk to see if any damage was done to the hard drive with all the crashing and freezing then try to install xp again to see if it works but I am not keeping my hopes up

status1 06-18-2009 08:29 PM

It's not good This motherboard has serious issues
It stopped in the middle of doing the scandisc with a Fatal error fault so I went ahead and tried to install xp anyway
This probably doesn't mean anything I just thought it was strange that when I started installing xp it showed that it will take 1218 minutes to complete
However it quickly (10-15 real minutes) went down to 128 minutes before the first restart
After doing a quick format and restarting it came back with 39 minutes to go which is normal
Everithing was going well until it was 6 minutes left to finidh when it froze up again
So I restarted and tried to continue and it was working for a while then it stopped again this time with a blue screen and a message "page fault in nonpaged area"
So I think it's time for a diffrent motherboard unless someone knws why this is happening

lurkswithin 06-18-2009 10:50 PM

Did you happen to run chkdisk on that hard drive?

I think that some of your issues may be hard drive related...

If you use an older drive then it is always best to run a diagnostics and repair from the manufacturer's drive utillity program. This insures that you are dealing with an acceptable drive.

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