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Originally Posted by squirrelnmoose View Post
If you're saying it still has some flaws the same as previous versions, then why not get a current version with updated security features. Also all the articles I've read agrees that IE7 is a security improvement.
Internet Explorer: The Features
Especially for a non technical user who is going to us IE anyway.

Getting people to try standards compliant browsers is a whole other issue. If technical users had there way browsers like Firefox and Opera would have a dominant market share already.

That said, if you are ready to try a new browser download one and give it a go. You can have multiple browsers installed on your system. So you don't have to make any commitment if you don't want to.

I have made my choice along time ago mate, I use and recommend Firefox 2.0x.
Getting people to shift from the mentality of clicking on the big shiny e icon on the desktop so they can surfs on the intarwebz is another matter. Then Firefox and Opera would be home and hosed...


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