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Default Thank you guys

Guys, thank you so much for participating. The board is from a laptop computer, it is not our first board to have a short issue on the motherboard, we had about 10-15 last year alone and there isn't much we can do about these, our methods are basically trying to remove a few components from the board near the dc power jack and if the short goes away put things back together hoping that it will fire up, the success rate is about 30% but the amount of time it takes removing components (carefully) from the board near where the dc jack is at is extremely time consuming. There has to be a better, easier way to find shorts on MB (and no visually we can't see which one is burnt). It is not only this board that we need the tools to find the shorting, we would really like to know what tool to use to trace where the short is at, and if there are any for sale we would love to buy them.
Thank you

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