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Default The saga continures

Exactly, squirrellandmoose (cool name by the way). The complete system backup forces me to backup the XP drive with the Vista drive. The checkbox is checked and greyed out.

Lurkswithin, I think I'm going to do something like what you suggested. I'm going to use the Vista install disk to delete the XP partition. Recreate it as a 10gig disk - I'll use it for when I make cd or dvd images. This way I'll have the original disk letters. Then I can modify the Vista partition and expand it. Can also expand the E: drive. I'll do this as part of the Vista reinstall. I have a good complete file backup from yesterday, and an old Complete System Backup from New Years' Day also. I could try the Complete System Backup once the D: drive is too small to restore XP to. I'm assuming the Complete Sys. Backup doesn't repartition.....anyway....will probably get started soon.

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