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The only other options I can think of is that the Bios has corrupted itself. The bios is what is programed to start the initial commands for your computer to start up. meaning that it controls the graphics card to start when the computer is turned on so that you can see what options are available. If the graphics fails to initially start until you reconfigure the Cmos settings then it has something to do with this option or the graphics card itself is not performing properly....sorry but I just can't see any other options given the information that you have given.

Try to update the graphic drivers first and then if that doesn't help try switching to another graphics card if you have one.

I normally do not recommend a BIOS update because it is easy to ruin a motherboard....but in this case I think it would be the next option.

There are a few ways to determine what your BIOS is:
SIW software (free download) SIW | Download
fill find it for you! Along with all other information concerning your motherboard and installed hardware/software.

Find out the BIOS version and date
Go to the computer's manufacturer web site and see if they have a BIOS update for your model of computer/motherboard and down load to desktop.

Read the BIOS information that is located for the update and if they have an updater then I highly recommend that you download it and use it to flash(update) the BIOS.

If there is no newer BIOS update from the manufaturer then you can try the actual BIOS manufacturer and see if they have one. SIW will link you to them for the BIOS that you have.

Follow the directions exactly as they are given for FLASHING the BIOS...
*****NOTE.....this is a last choice and all risks are held by you and cannot be held against anyone else!!!!

Good Luck!!

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