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Default Solution: An alternative to Html Editor

hey Wombat, come on man, the solution is in my answer posted above.
Ok, let me clarify it, for as you say, another would benefit.
Now, my problem was :

I try to insert links when I write on my Note Pad to be posted on my blog sites. I got rid of Office Word from my Laptop to save space. Now, i do not know if my links are working or broken down like me. So, got the idea that i may test the links in an html editor. The 4 or 5 html editors i was advised to try were all so high-tech cases i might have conked through old age before i studied and learnt to make use of them.
Another bright spark, not of mine, told me to try the 'email writing window' of the hotmail, that i normally use.
So, i wrote a posting with a link in it on Note Pad and pasted it on hotmail email window.
My link turned 'blue' . . . it's working . . . felt like running down the steps [from my room] naked yelling 'eureka' . . . quite a good discovery . . . for a stupid layman like me.

There you are, Sir, a simple solution for a complex problem.
Oh, by the way, have uninstalled all the html editors and my 'free' space is back to its normalacy of 1.72 GB.

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