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Default Install WindowsXP without CDROM, using a 2nd notebook fails - NTLDR not found.


I have serious problems re-installing my windows-xp on my notebook, here're the quick facts :

- my notebooks cdrom is damaged, so it's uselss
- i put the hdd into an older notebook (with a cdrom) and formatted the drive with fat32, installed a win98-dos and used to make it bootable
- then copied the winxp-folder i386 to the harddrive
- after putting the hdd into the newer notebook again, it booted and worked fine, i was able to start the installation by the "winnt" command
- but after the installation wanted to restart, i got the well known ntldr-error message, rendering my system unable to boot

The frustrating part is that when i put the hdd back into my old notebook, the system CAN boot.

Has anyone a solution ? What can I do to make the system boot again on my new notebook and continue the installation ?


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