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Default XP on System Partition, Vista on Extended Partion, Logical Drive

I also want to get rid of Windows XP Pro, but I'm not sure if this will work for me. I have all of the following on Drive 0: 1) Drive D: Windows XP on a Primary, System, 2) Drive C: Vista Ultimate 64 in an Extended Partition on a logical drive. 3) I have almost all my applications and data on another logical drive E: in the same Extended Partition that Vista is on.

I want to get rid of Windows XP and keep the Vista C: and E: drive. The problem is that Vista Ultimate 64 has a complete system backup I could restore from (if I formatted), but it forces me to backup the XP drive with it. I have 2 other 250G hard drives I use for backups by the way. I don't want to wipe Drive 0 only to be forced to restore the XP C: drive I want to get rid of (and reclaim the space).

Can anyone help?

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