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Originally Posted by lurkswithin View Post

I for one would do this:

save ONLY the most important files to disc and do a complete format and reinstallation.

As it is the only sure way to clean it up and probably a lot faster than trying to follow step by step registry editing.
I agree with Lurkswithin. From what I have seen from other forums that I go to, this is the best way to get rid of this crap.

Before you install your operating system disconnect your internet connection.

Install your operating system, anti virus & firewall applications. Then reconnect to the net.

Update the AV definitions as soon as possible.

Then get all the security updates from Microsoft.

Have read of this it's about Best Practise, this will help you avoid getting these virus's / malwares in future...

CERT/CC Tech Tip: Before You Connect a New Computer to the Internet


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