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Default are one of the first to get a new variant of a trojan
Command: mustafx.exe
Description: Identified as a variant of the Trojan.Virantix.B malware.
File Location: %System%
Startup Type: This startup entry is started automatically from a Run, RunOnce, RunServices, or RunServicesOnce entry in the registry.
Not funny I know but at this time while there are some lengthy ways to remove this thing is way above what most can do as it requires registry editing and and creating dummy files and some other stuff as well.

Don't try any of your regular anti-virus or spyware programs as this thing shuts them down and will only lock up your system or make it worse....

At this time there IS NO REAL FIX for this issue....People are working on it and working all kinds of trial and error issues.....

System restore will not clear this up!

I for one would do this:

save ONLY the most important files to disc and do a complete format and reinstallation.
As it is the only sure way to clean it up and probably a lot faster than trying to follow step by step registry editing.

This code might stop the rebooting for your computer and you can try it if you can get it to stay on long enough!

Click "Start" > "Run" and type in shutdown -a. note the space between shutdown and the minus sign. click ok

Once you do that you might run Ccleaner and combofix and see if it clears up some of it. But the mustafix.exe has to be located with all the various names it hides under and removed. The problem is that most spyware and virus programs are not updated to this and it will not find it!

I will continue to update this Thread as soon as I get more information for removing this thing!


There are going to be all kinds of programs pop up that will tell you they can find this and remove it from your system...just TRY ME!!! don't bother...the truth is that these people just want you to buy their program. The people that work on finding the answers to this and submit it to the Anti-virus companies have not found a fix....they will have it first before anyone else just don't believe that there is a program out there that will rid it for you!

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