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Default Another suggestion...

Totally agree with the aforementioned advice.

Try this wee prog...called STOPIT by McDev @ McDaniel Development ยป Welcome

Once installed, it's as easy as mud to use. On the left you have the progs running, with the progs running up front at the bottom of the list. One of those is the culprit. Often it is the dump file. If it is there...kill it by hi-lighting it, then hit "Stop It."

Barring that solution, start at the bottom of the list and kill the progs, cautiously, one at a time, going up the list...DO NOT KILL EXPLORER.EXE...until the log jam has ceased.

I've been using this prog since the 90's with no problems, or changes in program configuration.

P>S> you can also see what progs are running, and may as well be shut down for lack of use, but experiment with this approach first. If you kill something that was unknowingly needed...just start it up problemo...

Good luck...

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