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Default Deciding whether Dual Boot is right for YOU!

Welcome, this is my first post and sure, I'll admit my novice (i.e. n00b) expertise with technicalities. But here it goes: I have Windows Vista laptop I just purchased. But before I go ahead and decide that dual boot is right for me, id like to know a few more details about the kinematics of the partitions.

Ok, so I shrink my current drive by 8gb. This becomes an additional primary drive for XP to run from.
So now i have :
8gb for XP (E
8gb for Vista (D
220 gb for (C

Now lets say after dual boot works, I save a file in Vista, lets say test.doc. This file is being saved to C: correct? Ok, now lets presume that i log off Vista and enter XP os. Will I find test.doc using this os? In other words, will files be available across all os or only the os that i saved from?

Am i right to think of C: to be a global drive, one that can be used by any os and accessed by any os?

And finally, where the hell do i get an Xp CD and a Vista CD? Vista came stock on my laptop with a backup cd from hp, however will this work to readjust the boot issues? Thanks a WHOLE lot anyone who cares to help! Hope to hear from you soon!


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