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Windows Dual Boot Xp pro & Vista Ultimate 32

I hope someone may help me here.
I am currently running windows XP Pro set up on two SATA Drives (raid 0) each 300GB (total 600GB capacity). When I installed XP, I made three partitions; C: 30GB, D: 30GB and E: 540GB. XP is installed on C drive and I reserved the D drive for Vista Ultimate 32 bit installation. All of my drives are NTFS Dynamics and they are all formatted in XP operating system. I do have another hard drive on my system which is a 500GB SATA III drive un-partitioned. Preferably, I am using the large drive as a back-up drive, therefore, I don't want to install any operating systems on that drive. While installing Vista for dual boot operating system, in the "Where do you want to install windows?" page of Vista installation process, none of the drives or partitions were visible and the page was empty. Since the non-raid drive was not visible as well, I disregarded the "load driver" option and stopped the installation. Please assist me with setting up Vista on the D partitioned drive for dual boot operating system.

Thanks in advance for all replies.

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