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Smile HORRAY!!! Things are working again!!!!

First of all, thank to everyone who helped me with this. I appreciate it so very much! I have finally got things working again. The problem was in one of the printer drivers. I'm not sure which one. The problem that I had was that with out the spooler, I couldn't uninstall the printers.

What finally worker was the instruction on the link posted by Petri. It was a bit of a pain taking out the drivers from Windows and then editing the registry but it worked...and that's what was important.

So, to Martin, Petri, William, Al, Dmon, Bones090980, b1caez01, Roger, thank you all for taking the time to help. Sorry that I took so long to reply back but I have been dealing with a few family issues in the last while.

It's great to know that you guys are here and so willing to help.

Thanks again,


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