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Default Vista/XP Pro Dual Booting problem

I followed the instructions on the site (except for the partioning part because I have four separate hard drives) and I am getting a File:\ntlr Status:0xc0000e Info: the selected entry could not be loaded when selecting the XP option......

Here is my setup:

I have 4 SATA hard drives installed. Vista was the first OS installed. Hard drive letters are C: F: G: X:

I installed XP on drive X. Everything seemed to install fine and I was able to get into XP during initial install.

Then after a reboot, the system went directly to Vista. I loaded the boot loader program to modify the boot loading screen. Added XP Pro...I tried assigning C: which generates the above error. If I assign X, then the machine just reboots when I select XP in the menu selection screen.

Any ideas?

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