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trouble I Can't Find The File Need

Originally Posted by louvince View Post
If Window XP's Messenger is not being any use to you, you can just get rid of it. And you can do it with ease. First, you have to open your %system% folder. The %system% is a variable, it can be 'C:\Windows' or 'E:\Winzip', you get the point. Now, open the INF folder and locate the file sysoc.inf. Make sure you make a back up of the said file before proceeding. Open the file after securing a backup, hold down 'Ctrl' key and press 'F'. Type in the line "msgmsgs" and then by the end of the line containing it, you will find a word 'hide' (which is not hidden as a matter of fact). Delete the word 'hide' and save the changes you made to the file. So now, close the file and go to the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. Look for the 'Windows Messenger' in the populated list of programs and click 'Remove'. Confirm uninstalling 'Windows Messenger'. Wait until the uninstallation is successful.
The information that given by you is not necessory it's too difficult for finding the folder you specifiedplease tell me the short way

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