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Dvd Problems Burning DVD

Hi. I have a Samsung SH-S182M DVD drive...multi that is supposed to do pretty much everything except jump through hoops. I tried using it for the first time this past week to burn both data DVD's and video DVD's. I have used four different burning software all with the same results:

The files seem to be burning, (lights on for the drive) and the software says it was completed sucessfully, however when I go to check the DVD, it is still blank and untouched...(I can reuse it...)

I am very frustrated at this point. I have tried everything I know of and results remain the same.

These are the programs I have tried:

Deep Burner Pro
Burn My Files

I have run diagnostics on my drive and all come back AOK...

I am using DVDR style discs

Please give me a solution to this problem!!!

Thanks a bunch

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