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Originally Posted by mhookem View Post
Hello Kloppstock, it's always good to see a resolution to the problem.


We celebrate too fasst unfortentley, cause the problem didnt dissapear after all, i just hade lucky some time it seemed, now its back freezing to hell again,

i have tested to go back to the orginal CD-driver, but its to old to even work moore, the mouse couldnt even move after reboot, so Windows Safe mode saved me from dissaster

searched for the previous drivers before the latest one

latest should be
|MG| Free Download - Logitech: Mouseware 9.79.1 Build 25
even for my optical Logitech MX 300

previous v is harder to find, and i really wonder if its gonna make a change to just go back a couple of steps

becides i have tested to use the mouse without any driver installed, and it works fine...exept thath the mouse still frezzes as it did with a driver

what should i do next i wonder? (there isnt any virus!) buy a new mouse finally ore computer?

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