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Exclamation Gateway System

Are you running SP2 on your XP? Home or professional?

Can you remember installing any updates around the time you first started to experience problems?

Do you know the name of the virus, and was it there the first time your computer system failed?

How long have you had the computer for?

Do you know how to do a repair install?

My initial thoughts are to get you to format your hard drive, install XP if you have the disc, and then watch when your updates are installed. If you had a boot sector virus, you'll need to format it to be safe.

However, if you don't want to format your drive you can run a repair install and during this process you can access your drive through the recovery console and attempt to fix your boot sector. This of course depends on wether it is\was a boot sector virus.

Just a few ideas for now, I'm only speculating until I can get as much information as possible.

Did you mean that you've had the graphics card replaced as well?



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