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Plugin Mouse freezes at random

My Mouse have recentle started to stopp responding at random...happends 8 times a day probably
when happends..can't move the cursor at all, frezzes and never release untill i pull out the wire socket and re-attach it again, and the windows deafult sound thath a hardware has been found triggers, and then emidetley it become possible to move cursor again

doesnt thath talk against thath it's the mouse thath are failing, moore sounds like my computer cable-inputs have started to crack down? ore on the other hand..the socket on the mouse just?

therefore im not sure yet? if its a good idea to run to town tomorrow and buy a new mouse when im not sure who is responsible (Ben Johnson?)

it's an optic wired-mouse wich i have own for 4 years now, i can't test it on another computer either, cause the socket doesnt fit

i have spyware and virus checked my PC and can't find any pests

have the latest logitech mouseware firmware installed (tested to reinstall yes)

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