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Ok fellas, here is what happened, I kept trying over and over to work with cmospwd 4.8 I tried every character it spit out at me, nothing worked, somewhere in the read me it said if you have laptop DO NOT kill cmos, I understand the password is stored in the eeprom but that made me think something bad would happen if the cmos was killed in a laptop. after so much frustration I went ahead and killed the cmos with cmospwd (scared to death but I did it) nothing happened; first I tried keeping date and time setting option 2 then I tried option one. nothing worked.

Also I feared that if I upgrade the bios and it had a password, that it would prompt me next boot for the password, even though only admin password was set, not boot pass.
I kept telling myself it aint broke dont fix it, be satisfied that im booting into windows, but what the hell I cant stand not having full access to my property. So I crossed my fingers and went ahead and upgraded the BIOS, it was same version I have now, i was hoping it will replace it and clear the password, regardless, upgrade was done, restart was on the way and I was happy it didnt prompt me at bootup for password I was so relieved, but, nothing happened password was still set.

Any how, in cmospwd in very bottom of the password list it shows for toshiba they suggest password WWRDWQ, I dunno why but I just thought of trying single characters, tried [1] first didnt work, then [2] didnt work, i tried [q] and suddenly I was in. I just couldnt belive it!! I was in so much denial that I turned the laptop off and on again to make sure it wasnt a fluke! Just kidding, i didnt belive that I got in, I immediately went to admin password setup so quick and cleared it, before it gets a chance to change it mind and kick me out.

I don’t know why I didn’t try that before..... I feel so dumb.

Anyways finally got my chance to set the video memory down to 32, to see if that will make a difference

Anyone know of a software I can use to play with the fan speed settings in the BIOS? Or from windows for that matter?

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