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Default Worked around Vista

This may or may not help. Sorry, but I could not get my daughter's new laptop with Vista to load or run the AE's setup program. After a fruitless search for help online, I gave up and loaded the software on my XP machine. I used XP to configure the AE and set the WiFi settings. I then set my daughter's Vista machine to CONNECT to the AE using those same WiFi settings just as I would any other WiFi box. My daughter's ITunes saw the AE and was able to transmit audio to it without any other tinkering. The AE configuration program (not the setup program) did "run" on the Vista machine, but did not see the AE until I entered the AE's IP address and password. Once I did that, I was able to see the AE's configuration on Vista. Since I intend the daughter to take the AE to college and use it as an access point, I needed to leave it set to DHCP. That means I'll probably not be able to use the config program until I search down the new IP address of the AE that the school's router creates. Fun.

I haven't installed the printer, yet. After all that crap, I stopped and had a celebration beer.

The whole purpose of me buying the AE is so the princess can use her laptop at college without connecting a bunch of wires that she'll eventually break. Network, audio, printer--that's everything except power, right? PERFECT! Except the whole installation software experience has been terrible, and I'd take the thing back if someone else made something similar. In the end, I think I made it work--but it's doubtful many people would have the patience to do what I did. When and if Apple makes the setup software work for Vista, this will be a great device for the 99% of people buying a new laptops right now.

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