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Default Loss of settings controls...

More and more, XP with age, starts to lose its teeth... I can no longer maintain my folder settings re: appearance in a window... "Folder Options" And its no use trying to advise... I've spent months on this issue, along with minds far greater than my own On my system, it can't be done...period...!

My XP is falling apart. Almost monthly, something, does not work any longer. I call it "code fatigue," know, it is like the face on a digital clock or watch, when the numbers end up looking like ancient Viking Runes

Some if it can be ignored, some if it can be repaired.

One method, that is batted around on the net, is to untick the Restore function in System Restore, and then do a CrapCleaner, or Windows System Cleanup ...that is supposed to kill any Restore Points lurking about... Then while it is not looking, reset what ever functions need to be corrected or changed. Then create a new Restore Point... This has worked in some instances only.

Let us know if you come up with another solution, or someone else has any ideas...

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