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Default I have had the same problem

Originally Posted by m3rr View Post
Hi There ,

I have an interesting issue
I have an Acer Aspire 1694 Xp Home Sp2

My situation is a weird one And would love some input on it.
As it stands now , whenever I play music , downloaded , or directly from
a CD. My computer begins to lag incredibly and Music skips I can't think of
anything that can be causing this that I haven't already checked for.

And Weirder still
When I lag ,
My Memory is fine 600+ megs free , HD Space is more then a Gig ,
CPU Never runs above 15% even during brief moments of Lag.

I've had the Computer for awhile now More then a year now.

I've ;
Scanned for Virus's using 3 different Virus Utilities
Pc-Cillin , AVG , Panda

Scanned for Spyware using 7 of things
AVG , Spybot , Spyblaster , Pc-Cillin , Ad-Aware, Panda , Windows Defender.

All The above software is up-to-date
Even with Windows Third party updates.

Other then Scanning
I've checked to see if My drivers were up to date.
It being a lap top I made sure that the Speakers were set to such.

Mind you I've only checked to update using Device Manager.
And the computer is old to the point where my Hardware sticker is gone
As well the system information states the sound card as "Sound Card".

I've also tried different programs
VLC , Winamp , Windows Media Player (URGE/Standard/Classic)

And there we go.
That would be my issue

This very much so drives me crazy.
Any and all help is appreciated very very much so!

Much Thanks in Advanced.
It appears that this occurs when your sound card is on the way out, mine has just broken (on board sound) and it has stopped lagging.

Disable your sound card and see if that fixes it.

Hope this helps

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