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Default Dual Boot Vista and XP with Vista already installed


Thank you for taking the time and effort to lay out the steps for installing xp onto a notebook/desktop having Vista pre-installed.

I have a couple of questions:

In step 4 where we need to use the editor, isn't vista assigned to C and xp assigned to drive E? You state:Be sure to type each line carefully (replace C in the first line with the drive containing your Vista installation):
bcdedit –set {ntldr} device partition=C:

Isn't xp partition letter E? Up to step 4 everything doesn't seem difficult. But if we mess up here it seems big problems. On the other hand perhaps I missed a crucial point you made earlier and I should just enter exactly what you have shown in step 4 to conclude the dual boot facility.

My last question has to do with possible need for drivers. I found out my notebook hd is a seagate SATA drive. Will xp pro need to be concerned about this drive type and require drivers? Thanks...Ron

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