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hi m3rr, sorry for that late reply...

It seems that you have an updated sound card driver. Lets try this:

But would that explain the Lag when playing Downloaded Music?
Check if there is a CD inserted on your cd drive when playing music. When there is a cd on the cd drive the computer sometimes tries to read that cd and if the cd drive or the cd is faulty it will cause a lag when playing music. Also try playing your downloaded music on other computers, and if it does lags there's a problem on your music.

Scanned for Virus's using 3 different Virus Utilities
Pc-Cillin , AVG , Panda

Scanned for Spyware using 7 of things
AVG , Spybot , Spyblaster , Pc-Cillin , Ad-Aware, Panda , Windows Defender.
Wwwooww men... you got a lot of anti things here...
This will eat up some memories on your pc. try to remove some of them. choose the one that has an antivirus and anti spyware on it. one would be enough...

One more thing... are you connected to the internet when playing your music?

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