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Well thank you (do you have made by microsoft on your butt?) however, even though you sound just like one of micro's cronies, im a service tech, that means,..............well?.........that means, I'm on a need to know basis.
Naw, your reply made sense. But I feel as if I need to know for real what Vista's problems and bonus's are. So far? center is the only bonus that i've found, and that can be bought for xp. But honestly? I'm dissapointed, depressed, and really kinda sad, I had my hopes up with vista. I did try Vista in a virtual machine Duckie, oops, I mean dutchie,....a virtual machine is a mock OS within an OS,.......whatever, it did not run very well within it,.......ofcourse I thought it might have been the weakness of running in a virtual machine,.but no, it's the most bloated OS ever made in history. Personally, I assume that the programmers were on an impossible time schedule, and despite the use of meth and a lot of cocaine, were forced to still code in there hot selling .net code, and not C++. That would explain the bloat. I mean honestly!!! these are prolly the same ppl that design NASA control programs!!!......... hmmm? wonder if it's in .net too? well, signing off now. xDAMIENx.

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