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I apologize for not having been more helpful with describing my problem, it is as follows... I can turn on the server it comes up with a DOS type screen at first. I can then if I decide make it pull up an accounting form of software (used in an automotive Business) and thats it.
If I exit the accounting software it goes back to the DOS type screen.

If I insert the Windows CD as to load, nothing happens.
I thought that I might be able to type in some commands or go into setup and make some changes that would allow me to load the windows product which is windows 98.

I have visited the site that you gave me, it speaks to a linux sys and I beleive a XP/Vista program, I was not quite sure if the methods would be the same.

At any rate I am about to give up on it, I just hate defete.
I have appreciated your help and your time........thanks, kravn

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