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Default Problems with my system regularly freezes

I was referred to this forum by someone at Yahoo Answers when I posted a question there about my computer. I have had three computers since July, all of them given to me by the church. My kids insist on using the machine, particularly when I'm at work, even though they are only supposed to use it when I supervise. My 14 year old may know more about computing than I, but she is still supposed to use it under supervision. The problem is, they're kids and they'll bend the rules as much as possible. I'm not sure if the way they use it is causing the damage, or if people have donated crap.(pardon the terminology)
The machines have all started out fine, but within a week here, they're toast in one way or another. This machine seems to have the ghosts of removed programmes. For example, I played Trivial Pursuit Unhinged once which I downloaded from the internet to play for one hour for free.

The programme is not in my system, but when I power up the computer, a window appears saying the shortcut couldn't be found.
Also, when I turn on the computer, a window appears superimposed on another. The top window says that the password I supposedly used was incorrect and to reenter it, I press ok and this window disappears, to another which says "administrator" and enter password, when i click on ok, this window disappears, and then the computer boots up. Once booted, the Trivial pursuit window appears, sometimes followed by or replaced by a window notifying me that the shortcut for My Little Pony couldn't be found. The system regularly freezes, particularly when I'm on the web; the keyboard and mouse seem to be disconnected from the system when this happens.

Any ideas on how I can resolve this myself wouls be highly appreciated, but please baby-step it for me as much as you can because I am really an idiot when it comes to this technology. Have a truly happy New Year! Susan

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