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trouble You don't understand!!!

Reasoning? You don't even understand how prefetching works, how can you "reason" about something you don't understand? THERE IS ALWAYS A PERFORMANCE LOSS DELETING THE ENTIRE FOLDER!!!! Windows DOES NOT DELETE THE ENTIRE FOLDER EVEN WHEN IT AUTO CLEANS PART OF THE FOLDER AT 128 entries.

Emptying the folder will DELETE ALL the PREFETCH FILES, including the boot Prefetch file: NTOSBOOT-B00DFAAD.PF. This will cause EVERYTHING including Windows to load slower. Windows ONLY cleans everything but the 32 most used files ONLY when it reaches 128 entries and that is ONLY for ONE reason, excessive disk space usage over time. Since over time programs that are uninstalled ect.. do not need a prefetch file anymore. Everything about Windows Prefetching is automated. This useless "Guide" is filled with misinformation that is 100% inaccurate. The extra files do not slow ANYTHING down! They do nothing but take up a small amount of disk space that Windows XP automatically keeps under control!

Why are you cleaning the folder? Even Windows does not delete the boot prefetch file or the 32 most commonly used prefetch files for their respected applications.

You are arguing something you do not understand. The way this useless "guide" is written simply spreads more ignorance around the Internet and helps no one. What is worse is it tells people things that are 100% wrong and SLOWS DOWN YOUR SYSTEM! Do you understand this?

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